Hello world!

int main()
   printf("hello, world");
Brian Kernighan, Programming in C: A Tutorial,
1974, Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, N. J.

Actually, my first “Hello, World” program was in PL/1 and the code was punched into a small deck of IBM 5081 cards. It happened back in 1982. Since then I was repeating this phrase many times in Assembler, FORTRAN, Basic, Pascal, C, C++, C#, Perl, Javascript, PHP and Java. First time I was paid for programming in 1985. But it was year 1988 when I finally saw my software installed on a somebody else’s computer.

Watching a complete stranger using my program was thrilling experience. It is like meeting somebody carrying a book you wrote or finding a poster made from your photo mounted on the wall in a hotel lobby. This spectacular feeling was probably the most important reason I still did not quit programming (and I tried, believe me). This feeling was also the most important reason for starting this blog. As time passes by, saying “Hello, World” using all possible means – software code, plain English, photo camera, whatever, is getting an irresistible habit. Because it’s a wonderful world.

So, I got WordPress installed on a Linux box, spent about an hour browsing available themes – just to find out that the default one is the most compelling to me, replaced the stock photo with the one I made near Córdoba, Spain in 2007, and here you are, welcome to Web Coder Diary!

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